Roku Tv Setup
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It’s a budget-friendly product adjust by using an internet connection you can convert your Tv into your favorite entertainment player with all the channels available. 

Plus, it lets you watch and stream movies, TV shows, photos, and music from your personal collection too. 

How does it work? 

Now, Roku devices come in multiple kinds and you can buy the one that suits your needs. So, whatever device you have got Roku Player, Roku TV, or Roku TV stick the usage and functionality will almost be similar. 

For all of them, you need an internet connection that you can either connect through a wireless source through the Ethernet cable. After the Roku Tv setup has been done you can create a Roku account and go for Roku account activation and you are ready to use the device. After the Roku setup, you first go the Roku home screen to go the left of the menu and then from there select the streaming platform which you want to go for.

You will find multiple of those like: include items like Netflix, YouTube, Voot, Hulu, and the Roku Channel list. It’s just liked the applications you find on your smartphone play store. You can select any one of them and you can select any one of them.


Now, from that select, you can choose any one streaming platform or channel that you want to watch. Some of them are for free and some of them are paid for which you have to buy the subscription.For other streaming platforms, requires subscription either monthly or yearly and then sign in with your account details. You can at any time add more channels to your list and have fun streaming them. for more

What is Roku Tv And How to Use it?